DSC 0054 680x1024 SAN REMO   ITALYDSC 0052 680x1024 SAN REMO   ITALYDSC 0063 1024x680 SAN REMO   ITALYDSC 0049 1024x680 SAN REMO   ITALYDSC 0034 1024x680 SAN REMO   ITALY

Hello from bright and beautiful San Remo… This weekend I am pleased to share my latest look in this beautiful city. A clean, sophisticated and comfortable outfit  to discover with style the whole secrets of the place. 

DSC 0047 1024x642 SAN REMO   ITALYDSC 1088 1024x680 SAN REMO   ITALYDSC 1080 1024x680 SAN REMO   ITALYDSC 1162 680x1024 SAN REMO   ITALYDSC 1166 680x1024 SAN REMO   ITALYDSC 1165 680x1024 SAN REMO   ITALYDSC 1098 1024x554 SAN REMO   ITALYDSC 0014 680x1024 SAN REMO   ITALYDSC 1134 680x1024 SAN REMO   ITALYDSC 1132 1024x680 SAN REMO   ITALYDSC 0031 680x1024 SAN REMO   ITALY DSC 0076 680x1024 SAN REMO   ITALYDSC 1159 680x1024 SAN REMO   ITALY

Details Of The Look


Shirt : Dolce & Gabbana

Bermudas : Zara

Trainers : Superga

Watch : Fossil

Accessories : Cosmopolite Style

Bag : Asos



DSC 0822 1024x680 FRENCH RIVIERADSC 0825 1024x680 FRENCH RIVIERADSC 0787 1024x680 FRENCH RIVIERADSC 0843 679x1024 FRENCH RIVIERADSC 0842 1024x680 FRENCH RIVIERADSC 0884 1024x680 FRENCH RIVIERADSC 0877 1024x680 FRENCH RIVIERADSC 0883 679x1024 FRENCH RIVIERADSC 0896 1024x680 FRENCH RIVIERADSC 1021 1024x680 FRENCH RIVIERADSC 0734 1024x680 FRENCH RIVIERA

Details Of The Look

Top : Zara

Bermudas : Asos

Trainers : Superga

Watch : Fossil

Bracelet : C.S.

DSC 1014 1024x680 FRENCH RIVIERADSC 0930 679x1024 FRENCH RIVIERADSC 0924 679x1024 FRENCH RIVIERADSC 0940 1024x680 FRENCH RIVIERA DSC 0975 1024x680 FRENCH RIVIERADSC 0935 679x1024 FRENCH RIVIERADSC 0971 1024x680 FRENCH RIVIERADSC 0936 679x1024 FRENCH RIVIERADSC 0962 1024x680 FRENCH RIVIERADSC 0983 1024x680 FRENCH RIVIERADSC 07871 1024x680 FRENCH RIVIERA

Pictures by D.S.


DSC 0731 1024x680 SUMMER OUTFITDSC 0818 1024x680 SUMMER OUTFITDSC 0714 679x1024 SUMMER OUTFITDSC 0711 679x1024 SUMMER OUTFITDSC 0722 679x1024 SUMMER OUTFITDSC 0719 679x1024 SUMMER OUTFITDSC 0792 679x1024 SUMMER OUTFITDSC 0729 679x1024 SUMMER OUTFITDSC 0789 679x1024 SUMMER OUTFITDSC 0790 679x1024 SUMMER OUTFITDSC 0845 1024x750 SUMMER OUTFITDSC 0855 1024x680 SUMMER OUTFITDSC 0841 1024x555 SUMMER OUTFITDSC 0793 679x1024 SUMMER OUTFITDSC 0767 1024x680 SUMMER OUTFITDSC 0771 1024x654 SUMMER OUTFITDSC 0775 1024x680 SUMMER OUTFITDSC 0779 1024x680 SUMMER OUTFIT

Details Of The Look

Polo Shirt : Zara

Bermudas : Asos

Trainers : Superga

Bag : Zara

Accessories : C.S.

Pictures by D.S.


A7A4711 682x1024 SHOOT OF THE DAY

A7A4714 1024x682 SHOOT OF THE DAYA7A4712 682x1024 SHOOT OF THE DAYA7A4704 re touched 682x1024 SHOOT OF THE DAYA7A4789 1024x682 SHOOT OF THE DAYA7A4716 1024x682 SHOOT OF THE DAYA7A4724 re touched 682x1024 SHOOT OF THE DAYA7A4799 682x1024 SHOOT OF THE DAYA7A4805 1024x682 SHOOT OF THE DAYA7A4729 682x1024 SHOOT OF THE DAYA7A4829 1024x682 SHOOT OF THE DAY

Details Of The Look

Blazer : Zara

Shirt : Dolce & Gabbana

Trousers : Uniqlo

Brogues : Office

Belt : Valentino

Watch ; Fossil

Accessories : C.S.

Pictures by D.S


DSC 0772 679x1024 WINDSOR

DSC 0719 1024x680 WINDSORDSC 0747 1024x680 WINDSORDSC 07351 679x1024 WINDSORDSC 0730 1024x680 WINDSORDSC 0835 1024x680 WINDSORDSC 0722 1024x680 WINDSORDSC 0830 1024x680 WINDSORDSC 0776 1024x610 WINDSORDSC 07471 1024x680 WINDSOR DSC 0721 1024x680 WINDSORDSC 0831 679x1024 WINDSORDSC 0806 1024x680 WINDSORDSC 0807 1024x680 WINDSORDSC 0800 1024x680 WINDSORDSC 0811 1024x680 WINDSOR

Details Of The Look

T-Shirt : Zara

Bermudas : Top Man

Watch : Fossil

Bracelets : C.S

Sunglasses : Asos

Pictures by D.S.


DSC 0897 1024x661 BY THE RIVER DSC 0701 1024x680 BY THE RIVER DSC 0850 1024x680 BY THE RIVER DSC 0795 679x1024 BY THE RIVER DSC 0707 1024x759 BY THE RIVER DSC 0737 1024x794 BY THE RIVER DSC 0759 1024x622 BY THE RIVER DSC 0735 1024x680 BY THE RIVER DSC 0752 679x1024 BY THE RIVER


I hope that you all enjoyed your sunny and warm weekend.

It has been a perfect time to finally shoot a Summer / Spring outfit. I was in the mood of wearing something casual and comfortable at the same time so I have paired my navy blue shorts, floral shirt and colorful trainers… And let’s not forget my wooden pair of sunglasses.

DSC 0863 1024x680 BY THE RIVER

DSC 0862 679x1024 BY THE RIVER

DSC 0935 1024x832 BY THE RIVER

DSC 0943 1024x680 BY THE RIVER DSC 1022 1024x680 BY THE RIVER DSC 1058 1024x680 BY THE RIVER DSC 0939 1024x680 BY THE RIVER DSC 0710 1024x793 BY THE RIVER DSC 0938 1024x695 BY THE RIVER DSC 0712 1024x702 BY THE RIVER DSC 0972 1024x920 BY THE RIVER

Details Of The Look

Jacket : Asos

Shirt : Asos

Short : Bershka

Trainers : Zara

Sunglasses : Zara

Bracelets : Cosmopolite Style


DSC 0956 1024x680 BY THE RIVER

DSC 0960 1024x791 BY THE RIVER DSC 1071 754x1024 BY THE RIVER

Pictures by Yann


DSC 0769 1024x641 LOOK OF THE WEEK

DSC 0697 679x1024 LOOK OF THE WEEK

DSC 0707 679x1024 LOOK OF THE WEEKDSC 0709 1024x680 LOOK OF THE WEEKDSC 0711 1024x749 LOOK OF THE WEEKDSC 0713 1024x680 LOOK OF THE WEEKDSC 0695 1024x623 LOOK OF THE WEEKDSC 0693 1024x680 LOOK OF THE WEEKDSC 0728 679x1024 LOOK OF THE WEEKDSC 0731 679x1024 LOOK OF THE WEEKDSC 0734 645x1024 LOOK OF THE WEEKDSC 07551 679x1024 LOOK OF THE WEEKDSC 0744 679x1024 LOOK OF THE WEEKDSC 0740 690x1024 LOOK OF THE WEEKDSC 0785 1024x739 LOOK OF THE WEEK

Details of the look

Blazer : Zara

Knitwear : Massimo Dutti

Trousers : Asos

Loafer : Dune

Bag : Longchamp

Watch : Fossil

Accessories : C.S


Pictures by D.S.


DSC 0789 1024x680 BLACK & FLOWERSDSC 0696 1024x680 BLACK & FLOWERSDSC 0702 1024x680 BLACK & FLOWERSDSC 0746 648x1024 BLACK & FLOWERSDSC 0835 1024x680 BLACK & FLOWERSDSC 0755 1024x680 BLACK & FLOWERSDSC 0813 1024x680 BLACK & FLOWERSDSC 0766 679x1024 BLACK & FLOWERSDSC 0824 1024x617 BLACK & FLOWERS

DSC 0758 1024x680 BLACK & FLOWERSDSC 0822 1024x680 BLACK & FLOWERS

Details of the look

Cardigan : Zara

T-Shirt : Asos

Trousers : H&M

Trainers : Nike

Watch : Fossil

Bracelet : C.S

DSC 0831 1024x651 BLACK & FLOWERS

Pictures by D.S.


DSC 0727 1024x680 WEAR BLUEDSC 0743 1024x680 WEAR BLUEDSC 0716 1024x680 WEAR BLUE DSC 0933 679x1024 WEAR BLUE  DSC 0937 1024x588 WEAR BLUEDSC 0929 679x1024 WEAR BLUEDSC 0707 1024x680 WEAR BLUEDSC 07261 1024x680 WEAR BLUE


There is something about the blue colour, that for some time when the spring comes it is back with the same intensity. Its most saturated, deep shade appears in many collections from shoes, pants, belts, jackets and sweaters. It might be just a little blue accent or it can dominate the whole styling.
In fact it is not surprising that blue comes back into fashion in the spring, even though it is a cold color, blue brings to mind sky, water, sea and a feeling of open space. That is, what we miss after a long winter.


DSC 0905 480x1024 WEAR BLUE

DSC 0995 679x1024 WEAR BLUE

DSC 0909 679x1024 WEAR BLUE

DSC 1004 1024x680 WEAR BLUE

DSC 0972 1024x516 WEAR BLUEDSC 0912 883x1024 WEAR BLUEDSC 0899 1024x781 WEAR BLUE

Details of the look

Jacket : Zara

Cardigan : H&M

Shirt : Bershka

Trousers : Top Man

Trainers : Nike

Watch : Fossil

Bag : Asos

Sun Glasses : Asos

DSC 0895 1024x724 WEAR BLUE

DSC 0822 679x1024 WEAR BLUE

DSC 0871 679x1024 WEAR BLUE

DSC 0940 1024x680 WEAR BLUEDSC 0888 578x1024 WEAR BLUE

DSC 0832 679x1024 WEAR BLUEDSC 0830 679x1024 WEAR BLUEDSC 0838 679x1024 WEAR BLUEDSC 0946 1024x855 WEAR BLUE

Look of the day

DSC 0722 679x1024 Look of the dayDSC 0742 1024x680 Look of the dayDSC 0874 1024x680 Look of the day

DSC 0932 679x1024 Look of the day

Hello guys, here is a quick little photo shoot during a walk in South Kensington. In this post, I am wearing a casual and comfortable denim outfit ideal for a shopping afternoon.

DSC 0702 608x1024 Look of the day

DSC 0975 679x1024 Look of the day

DSC 0922 1024x680 Look of the dayDSC 0889 679x1024 Look of the dayDSC 0891 679x1024 Look of the dayDSC 0790 679x1024 Look of the dayDSC 0950 1024x730 Look of the dayDSC 0797 1024x660 Look of the dayDSC 0861 679x1024 Look of the dayDSC 1118 1024x553 Look of the day

Details of the look

Blazer : Top Man

Jumper : H&M

Shirt : Zara

Denim : APC

Moccasin : Office

DSC 0763 679x1024 Look of the dayDSC 1080 1024x853 Look of the dayDSC 1032 1024x680 Look of the dayDSC 0835 1024x680 Look of the dayDSC 0714 1024x710 Look of the dayDSC 06941 1024x680 Look of the dayDSC 0814 1024x895 Look of the day

DSC 0709 1024x656 Look of the dayDSC 1087 1024x614 Look of the dayDSC 0754 679x1024 Look of the dayDSC 1048 1024x502 Look of the day


Pictures by D.S.